Star Wars Expansions


I have been a Star Wars Epic Duels fan for quite some time now and it is, after all those years, still the favorite game of my group. Over the years I created or redesigned quite a few decks and now decided to put them all in one place. Of course they are all available via the Star Wars Epic Duels Wiki but if you like my stuff you probably had a hard time seeking them all out on the wiki. Here you have them right at your fingertips sorted by eras. As a small extra I added the minis I use for those decks so it maybe easier for you to find the fitting mini.

A lot of deck ideas I use originate from the many great and creative minds inside the Epic Duels community. I try to give credit to everybody but it is quite possible I forget some, especially as many decks were created years ago. Please, if I left somebody out, let me know and I will correct that.

I hope you have fun with my site and the content on here. For more Epic Duels related content, visit the two Epic Duels Wikis: Star Wars Epic Duels and Non-Star Wars Epic Duels.

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